Bulk bag

(Jumbo bags, Container bags, Big bags)


Bulk bags Definitions:
Flexible Container Bag, also known as t bag or space is a medium-sized bulk container. It’s divided into the square and round FIBC bag, achieved of the container unit transport mainly by crane or forklift .it is convenient to bulk shipment of powder materials, with the advantages of large volume, light weight, easy handling, mechanical handling characteristics of adaptation etc, is one of common packaging materials.

Technology Description of Bulk bags (Jumbo bags/Container bags/Big bags) :
bulk bags take polypropylene as the main raw material, add a small amount of stable seasoning to mix well, extrude plastic film by extrusion machine after melting, cut into silkiness, and then to stretch, to get the PP yarn with high strength Low elongation made by heat setting, and then to get the Base fabric of plastic Woven Cloth by the textile and extrusion laminating, finally to get the Bulk Bag by sewing with other accessories such as punching bag.

Performance parameters of Bulk bags (Jumbo bags/Container bags/Big bags):
Application type: reusable / disposable type
Shape: Cylindrical / Square
Mention hanging by: Top hanging / pedestal
Feed inlet: Machinery Installation / manual
The entrance and exit: There are entrance and exit / no entrance and exit
Material: Polypropylene

Application of Bulk bags (Jumbo bags/Container bags/Big bags):
Suitable for product of 500-1000kg packaging. Add punching bags on the packaging bags to facilitate loading and unloading. You can also add drop cloths to prevent pollution. a layer of plastic film can also be added for damp proofing. Woven bags are made from polyolefin resin.They can also be coated by the internal and external coating or equipped with PE bags inside, with the advantages of light weight, moistureproof, dustproof, no leakage, resistance to radiation ,Acid corrosion, strong security, excellent performance, able to carry chemical, cement, grains, minerals and other kinds of powder, granular, quick-like material,applicable to mechanical loading, is the ideal products to reduce costs of packaging and transport。