PP Woven Bag

Raw materials of PP Woven Bags:
Polyethylene, Polypropylene


PP Woven Bags Advantages:
This series of products are for the packaging of solid powder or granular materials and soft goods, there are packaged to facilitate easy stacking and so on.
Color printing woven bag advantages:
Our product is composed of PP and OPP with the characteristics of moistureproof, elegant appearance and durability. It used in package of feed,fertilizer,food and construction materials to improve the packaging grades.


Woven peritoneal bags(with PE inner side) advantages:
This series of plastic bags produced in the lamination or added PE bag inside. The benefit in leakproof, moistureproof, dustproof, nati-corrosive etc mainly used in heavy package of chemical industrial, pesticide,fertilizer, grain,Special for export package.

Different sewing methods of PP Woven Bags:

The bottom seam bag, slit edge and bottom bag, insert pocket, and adhesive joints.The effective width of the bags are 30cm-120cm, Any other special specifications can be agreed by the supply and demand.


Description of PP Woven Bags:
Non-toxic tasteless and bodily harm to people in general smaller, although by a variety of chemicals are made from plastic, but its strong environmental protection, and greater efforts recycling.
PP woven bags use a very wide mainly used for a variety of items and packaging equipment into use, a wide range of uses in industry and agriculture.
PP Woven Bags are polypropylene resin as the main raw materials, by extrusion, stretching into a flat, then weaving.
JingQin's bags can be produced in accordance with the requirements of customers with different specifications of length, can coating, can be color printing, can be equipped with PE inner bag in accordance with the requirements of customers.