Valve bag


Valve bag:
A small bulk containers, convenient, clean, sealing, and is one of the most internationally popular packaging materials, especially for the export packaging, these products are on the bases of plastic bag or kraft paper bags using environmentally friendly glue, after hand-turnover to make upper and lower seal, or under the seal on the opening of the packaging bag. PP, PE moisture-proof film can be added. The specification are to be made by customers demands.

The valve bag will be cube After loading, easy filling, easy stacking, stack package tidy, beautiful, which can improve packaging grades. With the advantages of high intensity, with savings of raw materials, easy handling, moisture-proof, self-styled, anti-ultraviolet ray, etc, all environmentally friendly green products, all paper packaging meet with the United States environmental protection and Europe export packaging requirements, suitable for filling and packaging machinery. Mainly applicable to industrial chemicals, organic pigments, food additives, pharmaceutical additives, building materials etc that is applicable to valve bag packaging.