Kraft Paper Woven Bag

Kraft Paper Woven Bag:
(Complex paper bags, Paper and plastic syntactic bags)

Triple Play or Two in One bag, the inner layer is PP or PE woven, outer layer is a refined composite kraft paper, the middle is the composite plastic, or the inner layer is a fabric, the outer layer is refined composite kraft paper, PE bags can be added . Such products have a strong resistance to puncture and tear. Usually made by yellow or white refined kraft paper, can be in multi-color printing, They looks bright, with light weight, high strength, good toughness, moisture, corrosion, acid, insulation, convenient packaging,  easy to stack etc.  Widely used in plastic materials, cement, feed, chemicals, fertilizer and other industries.

 Sewing methods:
the bottom seam bag, slit edge and bottom bag, insert pocket, and adhesive joints.

Width of the bags:
450,500,550,600,650,700 mm (Any other special specifications can be agreed by the supply and demand)